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Six master students in the class of 2022 successfully passed their graduation defenses

Release Date:2022-05-20     Return

"For many years, teachers and students have been in love with each other, and I hate parting from the past. The blessings in the hall are only given to students." This graduation season, the Lab's Class of 2022 completed their master's thesis defense.

  The defense of the master's students officially started at 8:30 am on May 20, 2022. The master students participating in the defense are: Chen Zhengyan, Wang Yawei, Xu Wanlu, Chen Zhan, Miao Ziling and Song Pinhao.

  After the defense, the defense committee members evaluated the students who participated in the defense and agreed that Chen Zhengyan, Wang Yawei, Xu Wanlu, Chen Zhan, Miao Ziling and Song Pinhao graduated smoothly. Among them, Chen Zhengyan's master's thesis was recommended as an excellent master's thesis.

Zhengyan Chen: Weakly-Supervised Human Action Detection in Complex Scene
Yawei Wang: Audiovisual Fusion Based Robust Speech Recognition in Strong Noise Environment
Wanlu Xu: Cloth-Changing Person Re-identification Based on Human Feature Reconstruction
Zhan Chen: Skeleton Sequence-Based Human Action Recognition for Complex Scenes
Ziling Miao: Cross-Modality Person Re-Identification for Complex Shopping Scene
Pinhao Song: Robust Object Detection of Underwater Robot based on Domain Generalization
Tutor:Professor Hong Liu
Defense Committee: Prof. Zhu Yuesheng (Chairman), Prof. Liang Yongsheng, Prof. Wang Hongpeng, Prof. Li Hui, Prof. Liu Hong, Dr. Chen Yang (Secretary of Defense), Prof. Yang Jialin (Conference Affairs)