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National Key Laboratory of Visual and Auditory Information Processing

Shenzhen Internet of Things Intelligence Technology Engineering Laboratory2000-2006
Open Lab on Human Robot Interaction2006-Now

Date Important Nodes in Laboratory Development
June 2021 Intelligent shopping guide robot experimental platform was introduced to convenience store
April 2021 The 20th anniversary of the establishment of the laboratory and the 15th anniversary of going south to Shenzhen
November 2020 Scientific and technological innovation 2030 - "autonomous learning and evolution of robots", a major project of "new generation artificial intelligence", was officially launched
June 2020 The laboratory has cultivated 100 postgraduates in total
June 2019 The national key R & D Program "Mobile Phone Defect Detection" was officially launched
October 2018 The construction of a new generation of intelligent shopping guide technology application demonstration platform was launched
May 2018 Professor Liu Hong was selected into the overall expert group of "intelligent robot" in the national key R & D plan
January 2017 Two National Natural Science Foundation projects were launched at the same time: "Audio Visual Perception Fusion and Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction", "Binaural Sound Source Localization of Mobile Robot"
August 2016 Corperated with SKYWORTH TV and Yanxiang Computer, successfully applied for "Double Chain Integration" the major project "Visual Detection and Positioning Method"
April 2015 Guangdong Province's major research project "Key Technology Breakthrough and Integrated Application Demonstration of a New Generation of Home Service Robot" was officially launched
June 2014 Jointly applied with Shenzhen Yinxing for the National Science and Technology Support Plan "Home Service Robot"
April 2014 The intelligent monitoring system for the elderly won the Geneva International Invention Fair Award
February 2014 Became the national leading talents support team for scientific and technological innovation
September 2013 The service robot technology won the Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award
April 2013 Became the support team of "Young and Middle-aged Science and Technology Innovation Leading Talents" of the Ministry of Science and Technology
July 2012 The construction of Shenzhen Internet of Things Intelligent Perception Engineering Laboratory started
February 2012 The construction of a public technical service platform for the intelligent monitoring system under the network environment in Shenzhen was launched
August 2008 The first doctoral student independently cultivated by the laboratory enrolled and the first postdoctoral entered the station
November 2006 The first National 863 Program independently undertaken by the laboratory was launched
April 2006 The laboratory moved south to Shenzhen, and the expansion of resources such as space and students accelerated
January 2002 The first National Natural Science Foundation project undertaken by the laboratory was launched
August 2000 The first batch of master students in the laboratory enrolled, and began to cultivate postgraduates independently