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Service-oriented robots:

   Efficient human-computer interaction is achieved through the fusion of human motion, expression and voice perception, and is integrated into the intelligent artificial head and unmanned supermarket shopping guide robot system.

  • 1. Visual interaction: human behavior analysis, object target detection
  • 2. Auditory interaction: voice enhancement, voice localization
  • 3. Audio-visual fusion: sentiment analysis, keyword recognition
  • Industrial-oriented robots:

       Cooperate with intelligent manufacturing enterprises such as ZTE and Skyworth to explore and realize the intelligentization of industrial production applicatio

  • 1. Visual inspection: PCB board defect detection, mobile phone defect detection
  • 2. Visual tracking: drug charge tracking, visual tracking of welding process
  • 3. Visual navigation: obstacle detection and map construction, autonomous motion planning
  • Special-oriented robots:

       Participate in major national scientific research projects, and conduct data set construction and algorithm research for difficult problems such as optical image acquisition and analysis of underwater robots in complex underwater environments.

  • 1. Underwater image enhancement and restoration
  • 2. Underwater biological target recognition
  • 3. Underwater binocular stereo vision and target tracking